Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

swimming pool maintenance

Swimming pools play a paramount role in both residential and commercial buildings in this contemporary lifestyle. Since swimming pools are the long-term investment you must improve its lifetime with proper maintenance.

You must clean the pools at periodic intervals to ensure hygiene, provide comfort to the users and protect the accessories used in it. With the help of certain pool cleaners and little knowledge, you can clean your pool efficiently. The regular maintenance of the pool helps you to save money on severe damages. Go through this article to know the best tips clean your swimming pool.

Clean The Water

Water is a crucial part of the swimming pool which must be cleaned often to avoid many problems. It is better to spend some time cleaning the leaves or debris found on the surface of the water by using a vacuum. Then, you have to scrub or skim the sides of the pools to avoid the algae formation.

Clean Filtration System

Filtration systems are like your kidney to the swimming pools as it removes the impurities in the water. Also, it eliminates waste materials like dirt, leaves, small objects that are found in the pool water. It is advisable to turn off the filter, remove the cap and lift the basket to clean it. You can clean the filtration pipe once in a month and fix it. In order to avoid the mechanical repair of the filtration system, you can set the timer.

Remove Oils

Once the swimmers get into the pool the oil or lotion used on their body get accumulated in the water. You can clean the water with the help of a tennis ball to absorb the oils. The fibres used in the ball tend to absorb the oil from water and provide a fresh appearance to the pool.

Maintain Chemical Level

Chemicals are one of the important aspects that you should maintain well to protect both you and your pool. The improper chemical level in the water causes skin and eye irritation as well as leads to bacteria growth. Get the experts’ advice to maintain the level of chemicals such as chlorine, alkalinity, and calcium hardness and so on.

Thus, these are the best tips to maintain your swimming pool regularly. If you don’t find time to maintain your pool often you can hire the swimming pool maintenance service. The pool technicians will take care of your swimming pool and leave it fresh to enjoy.