Things To Be Remembered While Washing Your Wool Blankets

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Washing the wool blankets is quite complicated but they are highly desirable and durable for all bedding. The wool clothing has to be maintained carefully to acquire long-lasting performance for many years. Moreover, the woolen clothes are warm, soft or extremely difficult to get damage or stain.Before going to wash your woolen blanket, you have to make sure whether the material is a foul smell or a soiled. As well as, you people need to verify the fiber content of your wool product. In case, if the blanket is made up of both acrylic and wool content, then it should not wash with the hot water. Now you are going to see some of the tips for cleaning wool blankets.

Soak Your Woolen Blanket In Cold Water

At first, you need to fill the washing machine with the right wool-safe detergent and cold water. Then soak your blanket in the washing machine for a maximum of 15 minutes. Remember, you should add the warm water in woolen material at any point because it gets easily shrink.

Clean The Stains With Mild Detergent

The stains should be cleaned immediately from the wool blankets or else it gets set into it. If any of the stains have been present on your wool blanket, it should be washed with cold water and mild detergent. soak the area where the stains can be settled.

Dry Flat

While washing your wool material blanket, you should dry it in your dryer unit. The wet process of wool clothes is quite easy, so you extract the water out without twisting or wringing them. You should place the wet piece of wool blanket on a dry towel and roll it to remove water.

Dry Out Your Wool Blankets

After the completion of washing process, you should hand your wool blanket in the fresh air. While putting your woolen blankets in the dryer, it will result in damages. At the same time, it should not be projected directly to the sunlight because it will affect the softness of your blanket. Thus, these are all the significant things you have to be considered while washing your woolen blankets. Make use of this information and wash your wool blankets accordingly.