Top 4 tips for enhancing your spring cleaning

spring cleaning tips

As there is a change in the climatic conditions, there is also some need of changes to be implemented in the cleaning services. Among the seasons, spring is the season in which your house needs to be the best. In most of the houses, deep cleaning during the spring season is common and also it is believed that spring brings wellness. This caries a fresh start and you need to involve in many activities to bring up the good change in your environment. Continue reading to know some more tips for making great cleaning during spring.

Use lemon for eliminating water strains

When spring season arrives, it means that your faucets need to be cleaned. You can do this by rubbing the lemon in the water and use them to remove the strains. The presence of citric acid in the hard watermarks will help in the removal.

Use baking soda for cleaning the dirt in stainless steel

It is simple! Just wet your sink and faucet sprinkle some amount of baking soda on them and scrub with a sponge. Still, if the dirt has not gone off, you can use some more baking soda to remove them.

It is enough to use the newspaper to clean the windows and mirrors

Take a blow, add ¼ cup of white vinegar, 2 teaspoon of liquid soap and 2 cups of water and mix them well. Now take the mixture in the container and spray on the glass of doors and windows. Use newspaper for a streak-free window and mirror to wipe them. The ink acts as the mild abrasive and allows cleaning the dirt completely.

Do not scratch the floor when moving the furniture

There are several times that your floor gets scratched when you push or pull the furniture. This scratch will make you do lots of work behind the damage. So you can make use of the towel at the end of the furniture and that will create a gentle move.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning is the tedious process but when you know certain tricks, it becomes much easier. Make use of the above tips and implement them for the best cleaning experience.